CDD Administrator

Some of my tasks as Customer Due Diligence Administrator:
– Performing periodic risk based customer due diligence reviews in accordance with regulatory requirements and internal bank policies, both for private and corporate customers.
– Investigating to conclusion reviews for new and existing clients, and performing complete due diligence process, both for retail, SME and large corporate clients.
– Collecting relevant KYC documentation in direct contact with clients and/or using bank systems.
– Analysing AML risks and classifying clients based on designated risk.
– Understanding of sanctions procedures, PEP specific resolutions and adverse media screenings.
– Investigating transaction alerts to conclusion and creating client’s STR profiles.
– Active cooperation with internal Compliance and Management teams to improve KYC processes.
– Using various data sources to analyse financial reports and identify beneficial owners



Owner of family run travel agency in Novalja. Providing only the best apartments in Novalja and Zrce beach area, we have plans to become one of leading travel partners for the region. My role in Happy Island travel agency is passive, mostly in online content management.


Personal Banker

  • Working on loans and mortgages, informing clients and completing all documentation for loan approval process, signing contracts and cooperating with other sectors regarding loans and mortgages.
  • Responsible for determining client’s credit scores for loan approvals.
  • Presentation and sales of current accounts, saving accounts and investment options.
  • Presentation and sales of other banks services like internet banking, mobile banking, credit and debit cards.
  • Insurance sales for all insurance types, informing clients and completing sales.
  • Active usage of CRM application in order to provide the best service for banks clients.


Bank Teller

  • Working with large amounts of cash including a number of international currencies.
  • Informing clients of banks products and services to suit their specific needs.
  • Completing financial transactions for banks clients on domestic market.
  • Completing international and SEPA transfers.
  • Active usage of specific retail applications in order to provide the best customer support.